I love this leaf… I picked this Oolong up last month while I was in Singapore.

I stumbled across it while paroozing TWG for the first time.
This tea comes from the WaikatoValley in New Zealand, explained the teatender.

In my first steeping of this tea I noted the tea had fragrance and tasting notes of CHOCOLATE!

According to the company’s website the tea is described as having fragrance notes of “freshly picked wild blackberry, and with tasting notes of sweet and woody.”

I eventually got this, but I could not get past the reminder of chocolate.

I wanted to learn a bit more about this tea.

If googled “Waikato Valley”… the first results are for “Waikato Valley Chocolates.”

I smiled when I read this…

This cannot be a coincidence.

It is known that the terroir of wine grapes (and in this case tea) directly influences the profile of what you experience in your glass (cup).

It is a mixture of the soil, the air, the climate, the altitude, etc. that make all teas unique.

I am convinced that the tea plants in the Waikato Valley soak up chocolate particulates that the factory releases into the air as a byproduct of making chocolate.

Snapseed 11I say this because… If you have ever been downtown Chicago (USA), on certain days you can quite literally taste chocolate in your mouth and have your nostrils filled with its decadence.

This is because there is a local chocolate factory just west of downtown on the river… the chocolat-itous smell is just a bi-product of the factory operations.

I almost guarantee that the same thing is happening in Waikato Valley!

Mmmmmmm chocolate. I think I will have another cup. 🍵

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