This tea was part of my recent purchase from UnyTea.  It came with the Eiju (and more) which I reviewed yesterday.  Jeff has piqued my interest in a number of teas via his Instagram Live sessions, so naturally I wanted to share them with you too.

This strip-style oolong did not disappoint!


Name: “Competition Grade” Baozhong
Cultivar: Chin Hsin
Origin: Pinglin District, New Taipei, Taiwan
Elevation: 600-800 meters
Leaf Plucked: Spring 2017
Type: Oolong

The packaging called for 4-5 grams of leaf  (I opted for 4.5) per 100 mL of water at 95 (C) degrees (195 F). The infusion times are 20 seconds for the first steep, with 5 additional seconds with each incremental steep.

Tasting Notes:

Steep 1: 20 seconds
Smell is so sweet. Extremely (& pleasant) fragrant nose — honey, flowers, and something else.  Floral taste, with a slight astringency. The color is a golden yellow. Very nice and sweet aftertaste left in my mouth.


IMG_8647Steep 2: 25 seconds
Noticed small bubbles on the surface of the tea. More delicious than the first. Astringency is gone. As I exhale I feel like I have a flowery breath. Haha! I wrote a note in my journal “may be underlying vegetal notes”… it was subtle, but it was there somewhere.

Steep 3: 30 seconds
A little less floral, but still fragrant. Very smooth and still tasty. Tongue and lips are now slightly dry — the tea has sucked some of the moisture from them.

Steep 4: 35 seconds
Ligher flavor. I accidentally inhaled some tea at this point and began choking. The things I do in order to understand this tea… Haha!  After a minute or two I began drinking again. It is still smooth, albeit still mellower than previous steeps.

Steep 5: 40 seconds
Still good, but a watered down version of steeps 1-3. Still has floral aromatics in the smell cup.  Mmmm deliciousness.

IMG_8650Steep 6: 45 seconds
Still like, but much more muted version of the tea. No longer getting that flowery breath as I exhale, as noted in steep 2. There is a more noticeable astringency in this steep.

Steep 7 (Final Steep): 50 seconds
The tea in my cup is now a ghost of where it started; very watered down.

Conclusion: I really enjoyed this tea.  I admittedly was not a fan of oolong until I visited Taiwan last year and learned a bit more about the oolong tea culture itself.  I definitely encountered some delicious ones along the way. This falls into that category.  I would recommend it.

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