TeaTheWorld was started in 2017 as a way for its creator, Chase, to share his love of tea with the world. It was created as a place to grow and learn together with the tea greater tea community everywhere.


Chase is a tea consultant and tea educator.

He is extremely passionate about tea — it is something that is part of his daily ritual.  Through his efforts, he hopes to spread tea awareness to the world.

His latest venture, Matcha Project was created to help educate and share all things matcha with the US consumer market.

Chase spent the Spring of 2018 working with Obubu Tea Farms in Kyoto, Japan where he spent his time learning extensively about Japanese tea, educating the Tea Farm’s guests on tea, and helping to harvest and process the spring tea (shincha).  

While in Japan, Chase was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to try his hand at producing his very own Japanese Black Tea (wakoucha).  He made two different batches drawing on the processes that he observed while traveling through Darjeeling, India (Japanese black tea is not common today, it is something that is starting to be experimented with, as was the case here.) The tea was well received and was something that Obubu began offering to their guests.  He is anxious and excited for his next opportunity to make his own tea.

Chase has traveled to many different tea regions of the world visiting and learning about tea in: Darjeeling, India; Japan; Taiwan; northern Thailand; and Vietnam.